Amarta Teknologi Indonesia was founded in 2019 to be recognized as a highly dedicated security system specialist. We strive to identify customers’ basic needs by designing the right system for the right purpose through our people, product knowledge, and innovative concepts. We design and supply security products and services to satisfy our range of customers’ requirements from complex designs such as factories, power plants, commercial buildings, hospitals, apartments, banks, etc, and to those who prefer simplicity such as residential houses.

We fully understand that every customer is unique, so we always position ourselves as your consultant to give the right solutions with proper investments. Our experiences have enriched us to help our customers in increasing their businesses and support the operational cost effectiveness, which at the end will increase the company’s business competitiveness in market.

Driven by a strong commitment to providing our customers peace of mind, our team is continually searching for and developing new products. It is a journey for us to seek new technology to not only improve security but also allow simplicity for our customers to protect and/or monitor their important assets anywhere.